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Genuine and personable brand design services that boost your confidence + joy in your visual brand!

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Brand Identity (noun): the perfect marriage of your custom-crafted logos (yes, you do need more than one logo!), your juicy colors, hand-drawn graphic elements, fancy (but readable) fonts, and your supporting imagery.

A strong brand identity provides an emotional connection for your ideal client, allowing them to fall head-over-heels in love with your offer!

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Branding: It’s all about the logo, right?

Not quite! 

A logo identifies your business . . . but your visual identity is what builds a brand. 

🥂A simplified process + room for growth: simply spend 2 minutes to email your brand style guide to any new team member, and they can spend just 20-minutes to create on-brand graphics so that you can focus on your money-making activities

🥂An ease when it comes to posting and connecting on social media because you know you’re connecting with the right people

🥂A sense of pride every time you use your custom logo in your marketing materials

🥂A beautiful, consistent visual presence across your entire marketing strategy + client experience

When you take the time to strategically design a powerful visual brand identity, you enjoy. . . 

First off, congratulations! It’s a big deal to get your visual brand solidified… but it’s not the end of your branding story! 

Continuous innovation of your visual brand keeps things fresh, surprises your audience in the best way, and helps you both fall deeper in love with your brand. One simple way to spice things up is with brand illustrations.

Hello, endless possibilities! Want your website to truly show the journey your customers’ go through? Why not show that as a beautiful illustration your audience can scroll through? Brand illustrations can be used for everything from email blasts, social media posts and your website to custom stickers, packaging and merchandise! Whatever your heart desires, an illustration can do the job!

Take my brand to the next level!

“I already have a visual brand, so I’m all set, right?” 

“Stephanie was a pure pleasure to work with on the creation of my logo. She listened to exactly what I wanted and was truly able to bring it to full fruition. She understood when I sent weird, jumbled notes, and was able to untangle my requests into a beautiful representation of my business. So grateful for her!”

 - Danielle Able, The Silver Linings Group

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To bring your customers closer to happiness + joy with the little things.

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Your dream brand identity that will allow you to soar to new heights with your brand recognition, customer retention and the long-term success of your business. 

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Limitless creativity, generosity + making the world a better place. 

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